Launching in February 2023, Untapped is a digital journal that looks back to look forward.

We view the human experience as a special source of knowledge: It tells us what has worked, and what hasn't. How can we use that information to improve our lives?

We tell stories about people who are harnessing lessons from the past to make a change for the better: people who are adapting prominent or overlooked ideas, fusing them with new ones, and creating environments in which communities can thrive. We feature voices from the fields of art, design, food, science, business, and beyond—and often put them in conversation with one another to share insights that might be useful when tackling issues in their respective pursuits.

Spanning topics such as how technology can nurture the handmade, the insights Western society can gain from Indigenous communities, and what neuroaesthetics can teach us about the impact of everyday encounters with beauty, a sense of urgency permeates our content. We hope that reading it offers valuable, varied perspectives on where we are, where we're going, and how the past can enhance the future.

Untapped is an editorially independent initiative of the design company Henrybuilt.

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